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Apartment Danijel is completely renovated this year and it is everything new. It has  2 bedroom, spacious and full of light living room all together with fully equipped and modern kitchen combined with traditional stone details. There is big flat tv and big modern sofa for large families.  You have sea view either from living room or balcony in front. It is also important to mention that this apartment is fully equipped with everything you will need on your vacation; microwave oven, kettle, coffee machine, kitchen oven, wifi, air condition and there is also washing machine in bathroom.  Don’t worry about any towels, soaps, toalet papers, we provide everything all together with linen and beds in rooms. All rooms have large double bed and plenty of light. Apartment is positioned just few minutes from the sea and beach and it is perfect fit for larger families or two small families.


  • 2 bedrooms (up to 8 people)
  • sea view
  • Fully equipped: microwave, coffe machine, kettle, washing machine
  • wifi and air condition
  • free parking space
  • completely new
  • few minutes from the sea

Cancellation / Prepayment

In order to secure your reservation you need to pay a deposit of 15%.

You can cancel your apartment reservation up to 30 days before. If canceled later you are losing your deposit

Children and extra beds

There are 4 extra beds either for children or adults


small pets are allowed but you need to contact us before. Charges may apply.

Accepted credit cards

Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards. You can pay only in cash

Check-in time


Check-out time



  • Air Condition
  • Free toiletries
  • Hairdryer
  • Kitchenette
  • Laundry
  • Private bathroom
  • Seating area
  • WiFi


Free WIfi


Free parking space


Bibinje (4.000 inhabitants) is situated southeast from the historical city Zadar, between the Adriatic tourist road and the sea, having a four kilometer coast with beaches and pathways. The name Bibano/Bibanum dates as far back as the 11th century. The population always deponded on agriculture and cattle breeding, followed by the fishing trade in more

Sports & nature

Bibinje provides a variety of opportunities for those who spend their holidays in addition to swimming and sunbathing want to get rich and some other activities. Beautiful nature that surrounds us is suitable for walking and cycling, ideal conditions for sailing, outdoor courts, fully equipped gym, will satisfy lovers of active holidays. In a series of sporting aktivost guests can choose one favorite. NAUTICS In the area of the dates in a naturally sheltered bay is Marina Dalmacija, the biggest marina Croatian Adriatic. It stretches for 70,000 square meters of land and sea, has 1300 moored yachts and boats with the possibility of 1400 berths. There are many charters that provide a possibility to rent various types of vessels. To make sure our guests have a pleasant holiday, in addition to friendly staff and reception, with Internet access, marina offers: laundry, large secured outdoor parking, a well-stocked supermarket, cafes, friendly atmosphere, a restaurant and a private beach BEACH VOLLEYBAL Beach volleyball is a popular sport that has emerged as a variant of the traditional indoor volleyball. Like a game of volleyball playersused mainly sandy beaches where the sportoriginated. Although beach volleyball in the beginning was mostly just fun, it gradually grew into a real competitive sport. If you're a fan of volleyball, you've come toparadise! Volleyball is played daily on the beaches of Punta Puntarožica and Lipauska,besides every summer beach volleyball club - Bibinje, organized tournament (men and women) on the beach in Punta Bibnje. The tournament every year growingquantitatively by the number of teams and quality in relation to the very organization of the tournament.   DIVING The sea is full of many interesting crevices, caves, caverns and channels, and to plant and animal species that live only in the Adriatic. If you're fond of the deep this year, definitely try to find out why diving along the coast already has a very long tradition and diving tourism for many years has been increasing due to its exceptional clarity and richness of underwater life.Diving is with us today become one of the most popular sports on the beach, dive into the blue depths and spend your vacation enjoying the beauty of our underwater world

Culture and history info

In written documents Bibinje is first mentioned in the year 1214.The territory of Bibinje was surely settled in the earliest centuries after the arrival of Croatians in this area, that is, in Roman times. The name Bibinje originated from the proper Roman name Vibius. Namely, Vibius was a Roman patrician who owned property on the territory of present/day Bibinje (praedium, fundus Vibianum). According to a folk tradition, the town was first erected on top of the hill above its present location (more accurately, in the Bibinje field on the slope of the hills). Today, the center of that locality is called Petrina after the small Church of St. Peter from the 8th century. Due to the plague, which was raging at the time, the people moved from Petrina to the present native location on the peninsula by the sea. At the dawn of the second millenium we find Bibinje to be important property of Croatian kings. However we should mention that at that time Bibinje doesn´t appear as Bibanum, but rather as Tochinia (Točinja). Namely, in the year 1066 with the founding of the Convent of Benedictines iz Zadar, Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV, at the wish of abbess Čika, gave the royal property of Točinja (today Bibinje) to the Convent as a gift to keep in permanent possession. Since then Bibinje has stayed in close contact with the Benedictines of Zadar whose largest property was right in Bibinje and the people of Bibinje were mostly their peasants. Through the late Middle Ages till the first Turkish invasions, under the protection of the Convent of Benedictines, Bibinje experiences envious economic development. In the middle of the 15th century Turkish invasions into our regions begin. At that time Bibinje goes through the bloodiest period in all its history. In the year 1468 the Venetian government fortifies Bibinje with a strong defensive wall, a tower and tree doors. From the time of the Candian War in the northern Dalmatian region we know of a people´s hero in the fight against Turks, priest Stipan Sorić, from Bibinje. He is responsible not just for the freedom of the wider Zadar region, but for all of Dalmatia and Lika. He perished in 1648 in Ribnik, in Lika.From Bibinje came many priests who preserved the people´s religious and national awareness. From recent history Fr. Ante Fuzul, Fr. Miho Levači , Fr. Petar Spanićć and Fr. Marko Sikirić are known. In the Bibinje area there are a few churches. The oldest church of St. Peter is from the 8th century; next is the little church of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist from the 12th century. In the old historic center there are two churches: on of the Birth of St. John the Baptist probably from the 15th century, the other parish patron St. Roch, from the 16th century. In 1985 the people of Bibinje built a new church of the Ascension of the Holy Virgin Mary.

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